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Buy Amazon Grocery Products Online During Lockdown 2020 On Good Discount: If you guys watched my recent video in that I explained to you the process to order Grocery products online using D-mart App. D-mart also does Home Delivery of essential products but there are few disadvantages of ordering grocery products from d-mart. I ordered essential items twice from D-mart during this lockdown and faced many issues & I just want to discuss these with you all.

How To Order Groceries & Essential Products Online?

What is Essential & Non-Essential Products?

1) Essential Products: Products which we use in our daily life like groceries & medicines comes under essential products. Amazon is delivering Essential products in all 3 zones that are Red, Orange & Green Zone. In the red zone, it can take more time to deliver essential products.

2) Non-Essentials Products: Products like electronic devices, furniture, Clothes, etc comes under non-essential products. As of now, Amazon is providing non-essential products in Green & Orange zones only. The delivery of non-essential products is strictly prohibited in Red Zone areas.

Disadvantages of ordering Grocery Products from D-Mart

  • Time Slot Unavailability: The first issue I faced with D-Mart is time slot unavailability. It’s very difficult to get a slot to place your order on D-Mart App. Every time it takes around 3-4 days to get an available slot.
  • Product Unavailability: If I order grocery of worth Rs. 4000 which includes around 60 items then they will deliver just 20-30 items only due to the unavailability of products in D-Mart. Yeah I know because of this lockdown there is a shortage of inventory but they can mention it on their app or remove products from the list which are unavailable.
  • No Proper Home Delivery: Here is the next point. What is the actual meaning of Home Delivery? They should deliver your item at your home, right? but nahh in case of D-Mart they will come up with tempo with lots of items in it and then they will call you to come down and take your box. Yeah, I am still fine with it but during my second order, they literally gave me a plastic box with items and asked me to either bring a bag or take that plastic box with you, empty it and submit the box again.
  • Cash/ATM Machine Issue: D-Mart does not accept online payment during order placement. You might know the reason behind this which I already discussed in the previous point which is the unavailability of products. So you have to give cash or pay using ATM(Debit/Credit) Card while accepting your products.
    Note: Do not spend your cash on non-essential services because most of the ATM machines are running out of cash. So use your money carefully.
  • I was disparately waiting for my favorite Maggi Noodles but they do not deliver it.
  • Check out this video to order essential products using D-Mart App: How To Order Groceries From D-Mart

Why Should I Order Grocery From Amazon?

So here is the alternative of D-Mart. You can order grocery and essential products from Amazon Grocery as well. And it will overcome all the problems which I already discussed with you in the above points. In this article, I will share some popular essential grocery items which you can buy from amazon. Before buying stuff on Amazon please go through the below points:

  • As you all know the entire nation is divided into 3 different zones that is Green, Orange & Red Zone. Here is one good thing that Amazon delivers essential products in all these 3 zones.
  • It might take some time to deliver essential products in Red Zone area
  • Amazon does not deliver non-essential products in Red Zone but in Green & Orange zone they are accepting orders
  • You can pay the entire amount online using an ATM card or any other available electronic method. They do not accept COD.
  • Most of the grocery products are available on Amazon Pantry. If the stock is empty they won’t allow you to order.
  • Maggi is also available on Amazon Pantry πŸ˜„

So guys here is the list of some grocery products that you can buy from Amazon Pantry/Amazon during this lockdown. You can also join our Telegram Channel for the latest deals and offers on grocery products.

Best Telegram Channel For Shopping Deals

List Of Grocery Products Available On Amazon Pantry

1) Snacks & Beverages

Product Type:

  • Health Drinks
  • Breakfast Essentials

2) Handwash & Soaps

Product Type:

  1. Soap
  2. Handwash
  3. Disinfectant Cleaner

3) Pulses (Tur Dal, Masoor Dal)

Product Type:

  • All types of Daal including Massor Daal, Tur Daal, Moong Daal, Black Chana etc.

4) Cooking Oil

Product Type:

  • Fortune, Saffola, Sundrop Oil

5) Atta & Rice

Product Type:

  • Basmati, Kohinoor, Dawat Rice

6) Salt, Sugar and Spice

Product Type:

  • Biryani Masala
  • Sugar
  • Salt

7) Household Essentials

Product Type:

  • Liquid Detergent
  • Washing Powder
  • Stain Remover Powder
  • Ala Bleach

8) Personal Care

Product Type:

  • Toothpaste, Toothbrush
  • Mouthwash
  • Whisper

Few Must Buy Products (Not Available in Most Of The D-Mart Stores)😍

1) Maggi Fusian Assortment Box 9, 12 X 73 g

2) Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil, 1L

3) Medimix Ayurvedic Classic 18 Herbs Soap, 125 g (4 + 1 Offer Pack)

4) Society Leaf Tea, 500g Pouch

5) MAGGI 2-Minute Instant Noodles, Masala – 420g Pouch

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