Flipkart Free Delivery Trick 2021 : Trick To Avoid Delivery Charges | How To Order Product Of Below ₹499 Without Paying Delivery Charges

Flipkart Free Delivery Trick 2021: Trick To Avoid Delivery Charges | How To Order Product Of Below Rs. 499 Without Paying Delivery Charges: A few months ago Amazon has launched the concept of Amazon Prime Members. You have to pay some charges for Amazon Prime Membership and you will get a number of features including Free shipping and all. Nowadays, many peoples like to do online shopping but these popular E-commerce sites take extra money from us as a delivery charge if your total order amount is less than Rs. 499 and T&C vary from site to site. The most common T&C is “You will get Free shipping only if your order total is greater than Rs. 499”.

The same thing is applicable for Flipkart if your product value or the total amount of 2-3 product value is greater than Rs. 499 then only there is no need to pay extra delivery charges. So here are the 2 best ways to avoid these unnecessary Flipkart delivery charges. In this article, I will explain to you two tricks using which you can avoid these delivery charges on Flipkart.

So How To Avoid Delivery Charges On Flipkart?

Method 1 To Avoid Flipkart Delivery Charges:-     

First Most Effective way to avoid Delivery Charges On Flipkart:- This trick is working for many years but it will work only on Flipkart Assured Products. I am going to explain everything step by step so simply follow these steps:-

1) CLICK HERE and add your favorite product to the cart which has a total cost of less than Rs. 499. In my case the product price is Rs. 149 & Flipkart is taking Rs. 40 Additional delivery charges. So the final price has become Rs. 189.

2) Now select one more Flipkart Assured product of any price and make total cart value equal to Rs. 499 or more than that. I have added Pendrive of Rs. 399 (Which I am definitely not going to purchase). Now you can see delivery is free.

Note:- This trick works only on Flipkart Assured Products. So before using this trick must ensure that you are adding only Flipkart Assured Products in cart

3) Don’t pay online select the Cash On Delivery option & Click on the Place Order button.

4) Once your order gets placed successfully go to the “My Orders” section. Here you will see both the items which you just ordered

5) Now click on the product which you don’t want to purchase and click on Cancel Button. In my case it’s Pendrive.

6) Select the reason for cancellation from the given list & click on Submit Request.

7) Your item will get canceled immediately. That means now you have only 1 item in your Orders

8) Now go to the Orders section to see the status of the item. As you can see below the image, the Pendrive order has been canceled successfully but Watch is still there & the final price of the watch is Rs. 149 which is I’m going to pay later.

9) Hurray, I just got the product of Rs. 149 without paying delivery charges. That’s it guys using this trick you will get a product of below Rs. 499 without paying any delivery charges. You can also check out the Flipkart Free Delivery trick video which is added at the bottom of this post.

Method 2 To Avoid Flipkart Delivery Charges:-

Recently Flipkart has launched their new program called Flipkart Plus Zone. You can explore Flipkart Plus Zone Here. To become a Flipkart Plus Member you need at least 50 Coins in your account. Recently Flipkart has added 50 coins only for the customers those are frequently purchase something on Flipkart. So download the apk version from the above link and check your coin balance.

If you don’t have 50 coins then you need to collect them by purchasing products on Flipkart. You will get 4 super coins for every purchase of Rs. 100 and for each transaction you can earn maximum 100 coins only i.e if you buy a laptop worth Rs. 30,000 then you will get a maximum of 100 coins and if you purchase something less than Rs. 250 then you will not be eligible for the supercoins.

What Are The Benefits Of Flipkart Plus Membership? 

There are a number of benefits of the Flipkart Plus Membership. You will get Free shipping on all Flipkart Assured products and they will provide fast shipping. You will get early access to Flipkart sale and priority customer support along with this you can exchange Flipkart Plus coins with various gift cards or vouchers. Currently, they are offering Flipkart Gift Vouchers, BookMyShow Vouchers and many more. The validity of these coins is One year. CLICK HERE to explore Flipkart Plus Zone OR Watch Flipkart Supercoins Video.

I hope you found our “Flipkart Free Delivery Trick || How To Order Product Of Below Rs. 499 Without Paying Delivery Charges” article very helpful and able to save your valuable money.

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