How To Get Send Scratch Card Option in Google Pay (Tez) App

How To Get Send Scratch Card Option in Google Pay (Tez) App:- Hey guys.. Hope you all are doing well. In today’s article we are going to discuss about the new update of Google Pay app. Now you can send Scratch Card from one google pay account to any other google pay account that means you can send Scratch Card to your friends :).

Using this update you can collect all scratch cards in single Google Pay account and scratch them all together. It might also increase your earning chances. I tried this and got some descent money in both the accounts. You can check out our YouTube video for earning proof (Video link is give below).👇👇

“But this update is not available for all google pay users. In today’s article i am going to tell you the steps using which you can get option of Send Scratch Card”.

How To Get Send Scratch Card Option:-

  1. First Of All, Click Here To Download Google Pay Application.
  2. Now complete your registration. Click Here To Watch Registration Video.
  3. You will get “Send Scratch Card” option only when you receive at least 1 Scratch Card from any other Google Pay user. Right now Google Pay is giving this option to the specific users only. 
  4. I have “Send Scratch Card” option in my Google Pay account that means if i send Scratch Card to someone he also get that option within 2 hours.
  5. So you can put your google pay id in the comment section👇👇. I will randomly select some lucky users and send Scratch Card to them.
  6. I can earn maximum 5 Scratch Cards per week(For some users it’s 3 only). So i can send maximum 5 Scratch Cards per week to random peoples. You can also use following way to get above option
  7. You can simply search for the peoples who already having “Send Scratch Card” option. Just ask them to send 1 Scratch Card.
  8. After receiving Scratch Card from any other user you will get the same option in your Google Pay app just within 2-3 hours (In some cases it might take more time).
  9. To receive Scratch Card from other user you must have latest updated version of Google Pay app.

Watch Complete Proof Video:- 

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