Paytm Cashback Offer For Non-KYC Users

Paytm Cashback Offer For Non-KYC Users: Hello guy’s hope you all are doing well in today’s article i am going to teach you how to get a cashback if your Paytm KYC is not completed. In March 2018, Paytm announced compulsory KYC for it’s users otherwise user will not allow to Add  or Withdraw money from Paytm Wallet, Can’t send money to other Paytm users, Can’t receive a cashback and many more limitations are there. But now they are come with one awesome solution for their existing Non-KYC users and i am going to explain you this offer in detail.

What is Paytm KYC And Why It’s Compulsory?

So first understand what is Paytm KYC? Paytm wallet is a RBI governed wallet. As per RBI mandate Paytm need to do KYC of customers to enable a number of features. You need to submit your Aadhaar Card/PAN Card/Driving License details to complete KYC. If KYC isn’t done you can’t even use some basic features of Paytm. If you complete KYC you will eligible to open Paytm Payments Bank Account and can take benefit of other features of Paytm.

 What is the offer for Paytm Non-KYC users? 

If you have any Non-KYC Account simply enter recharge details and click on Proceed Recharge button. Now click on Have A Promocode Option and enter any promocode (Right now Paytm offering Rs. 20 Cashback on recharge of Rs. 20 Use Promocode: MONTHLY20). Once you successfully apply promocode, Click on “Proceed To Pay” option and pay amount using Debit Card or UPI or Paytm. After successful completion of recharge go to “Home” section and click on “Gold” option. In Gold section you will see gold of around Rs.20 because you get flat Rs. 20 cashback on recharge of Rs. 20 but instead of giving Paytm Cahback, Paytm has credited gold of worth Rs. 20 in your N0n-KYC Paytm Account. Using this trick you will get Paytm cashback in form of Paytm Gold back. That’s pretty awesome trick because you can earn unlimited Paytm cashback in your all Non-KYC Paytm Accounts.

How To Use/Transfer Paytm Gold Back?

If you are Non-KYC user you are not allowed to transfer Paytm Money from one wallet to other but you can transfer Paytm Gold easily. So here you can transfer this gold to your main Paytm account. Just Click on “Gift” option and enter main account details and amount of Gold you want to transfer(Either in Rupees or Gram Format) and click on send button. That’s it guys you will receive gold instantly in main Paytm account and now just sell this gold there might be some difference in total cost of gold that you purchased and gold that you are going to sell because selling cost is always less than purchase cost. Now simply enter bank account details because after selling gold you will get your money directly in bank account.

Some Important Tips For You:

So guys using above process you can earn cashback in Non-KYC Paytm account also and you can follow above process in your all Non-KYC Paytm accounts. MONTHLY20 is one of the best code which you can use to get flat Rs. 20 cashback on recharge of Rs. 20. Use MONTHLY20 code in your all Non-KYC Paytm accounts and enjoy unlimited Paytm Cashback. That’s it guys in our today’s “Paytm Cashback Offer For Non-KYC Users” post. Hope you find this article very useful and able to earn some Paytm Cashback. Good bye and have a nice day.

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