Paytm: Money Sent To Wrong Account Number? 4 Ways To Get Back

Paytm Money Sent To Wrong Account Number? 4 Ways To Get Back: There are many applications available in market using which you can easily transfer money to your relatives, friends or make transactions to nearby shops and get some cashback. Sometimes we make big mistake by entering wrong payee number and our money gets transferred to wrong number. However most widely used features of the Paytm Apps are Send Money to your friends and earn cashback, do 20 UPI transactions and earn Rs. 30 and so on. To get benefit of these offers sometimes we do unlimited transactions blindly and by mistake we send money to wrong person in this case you can use following 4 ways to get your money back.

So How To Recover Money Sent To The Wrong Number?

Since bank is not an intermediary as transfer happens between two wallets, reversal is not possible. So first step you need to do is take a screenshot of the message you have received on your mobile phone “money is transferred to XXXXXXXXXX mobile number”. Now take a screenshot of your incorrect transaction from Paytm App. These two things will help you in later stages to act as proof. If receiver is honest he/she will return your money immediately otherwise you can use following steps to recover your money:

  1. Contact User Of The Mobile Number(Call/Message):-

    First step you have to take is immediately call to the owner of that number and tell him entire story. Request him to return your money as you send it accidentally. If he/she knowingly not receiving your call or not responding to your messages you have one more option call him again and again or use multiple numbers until he returns your money. Here you will have one more advantage of KYC. Due to KYC is compulsory to receive money from any Paytm user, that particular person’s KYC is also done because he received your money successful and 99% Paytm users do KYC of their Main Paytm number only. That means the number on which you accidentally send money is primary number of that user.

  2. Contact Paytm Customer Care:- 

    If above solution does not work for you, Simply contact Paytm Customer Care. Explain them your problem in  detail. In Paytm FAQ they have mentioned that “If you accidentally sent money to incorrect number you can contact us and we will try to solve your problem”. But there are very less chances of getting the solution from Paytm Customer Care because they don’t have authority to directly reverse you money from any other person’s Paytm Wallet/Bank Account. Go to Paytm passbook and select incorrect transaction there you will see Transaction Id and Need Help button.

  3. Use Social Media Platforms:-

    Third way to get your money back is use Social Media Platforms like FB or WhatsApp. Add number with specific detail along with all necessary and valid Snapshots and tell your friends to spread this message everywhere. This option may be not suitable for many of the users but still there are more chances of getting your money back.

  4. Contact Police:-

    If all above options does not work for you, here is the final call that you can take. If your amount is really big then contact police and they will definitely help you to solve your problem. Just take all messages, screenshots, Call logs, Paytm CC call recording etc and visit your nearest police station.

So guys these are the 4 ways which will help you to get your money back sent to the wrong Paytm number. In future before sending money to anyone check number twice it’s always better to take precautions in advance.

Watch Complete Video Tutorial:-

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